Thermal-Vacuum Testing Services

T2 Test Facility

The ENBIO T2 thermal-vacuum (TVAC) test facility is located at the ENBIO R&D lab in Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland, just 15 minutes away from Dublin Airport. This facility utilises a high vacuum chamber with an internal diameter of 60 cm and internal depth of 66 cm.


The chamber contains an aluminium thermal platen, through which a cryo-fluid is circulated. Temperature control of the cryo-fluid is achieved using a dedicated cryo-chiller with 3.0 kW of heating power and ≈ 3 kW of cooling power (3.8 kW at 100 °C, 3.7 kW at 0 °C, 2.2 kW at −60 °C, 0.7 kW at −80 °C). A PT100 resistance temperature detector (RTD) connected to the thermal platen close to the TRP position is used for feedback control by the cryo-chiller. The cryo-chiller has programmable over-temperature and under-temperature protection.

Temperature limits for the system are −70 °C to +150 °C. Ramp rates are programmatically controllable. Maximum attainable ramp rate depends on mass of test article. A ramp rate of 2 °C•min−1 is attainable for test article masses up to ≈ 5 kg.

The thermal platen has a width of 480 mm, length 550 mm, and thickness of 15 mm. The platen has a regular arrangement of through-holes spaced on a 60 mm × 60 mm grid (except for the outer two rows, which are spaced by 45 mm). Test articles are thermally connected to the thermal platen using custom-machined thermal adapter plates, typically made from Al 6082-T6 aluminium alloy (copper thermal adapter plate available upon request).

T2 test facility photograph.

T2 test facility.

Our TVAC facility is highly configurable. Please contact us to discuss your testing needs.


The main parameters of the T2 test facility are listed below:
T2 TVAC test facility specifications