ENBIO is an SME based in Dublin, Ireland, that develops innovative R&D solutions for multiple sectors. ENBIO has been developing novel surfaces for the space sector since 2011 with thermal control coatings being the first adopted technology by the European Space Agency as part of the Solar Orbiter mission.

More recently, ENBIO has been developing release surfaces using fluoropolymer coatings for tyre and silicone moulds; REACH compliant adhesive primers for metals to replace wet-chemistry alternatives; and anti-galling treatments for bolts and fasteners to achieve equivalent performance after re-use.


The majority of the testing for the above R&D was performed onsite using a wide range of characterisation equipment. This document lists and describes that suite of equipment which is available to the customer for their own projects and testing.

If you wish to speak to someone about using the equipment, please email info@enbio.eu or contact the office at 01-5253305.