ENBIO’s fundamental focus is the development and commercialisation of its patented surface enhancing technologies. We specialise in surface finishing and surface treatments. Our services are typically carried out in-house in clean, purpose-built and customisable facilities. In the R&D labs, a range of surface treatment cells are available. These include three 6-axis robot cells and two XY treatment cells. Further details on our Space coating facilities are available here.


The company’s extensive characterisation labs are based in the company offices and R&D facility in the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus, Dublin, a research-intensive innovation campus. The characterisation and metrology equipment includes:


  • Microscopy (stereo and inverted optical and electron)
  • Powder analysis (size, density (various), shape, morphology, chemistry)
  • Surface metrology (optical measurement for shape and size; confocal microscopy for roughness and texture)
  • Mechanical (hardness, wear testing, tensile)
  • Environmental (humidity, salt-fog)
  • Optical properties (reflectance: 200 to 3000nm; emissivity: 2 to 21um)
  • Electrical properties (4-point probe area scan, high resistance concentric ring probe)




Phenom XL SEM

  • High resolution electron microscope (up to x 100,000)
  • Large sample stage – 100 x 100 mm area (multiple samples analysed at once)
  • Elemental and surface roughness mapping
  • Powder analysis software


Perkin Elmer FTIR and ATR

  • Surface chemistry analysis
  • Powder chemical analysis
  • Integrating sphere attachment available for emissivity measurement

Kruss MSA

  • Handheld, mobile surface energy measurement
  • Quick and portable surface energy analysis

Mecmesin 50 kN tensile tester

  • Increased range of mechanical testing (1, 5, 10 and 50 kN load cells available)
  • Standard lap-shear and rolling drum fixtures available