ENBIO, IComp, and Composite-to-Metal Joining

Composite materials are finding greater use across a range of industries; notably the aerospace and automotive sectors where they offer significant weight savings and associated improvements in efficiency. This trend has been accompanied by an increase in the number of composite-metal hybrid structures used in critical applications. However, joining composites to metals remains a significant challenge faced by industry, as the native metal-oxide layer must first be overcome in order to achieve an intimate bond and optimum performance.


The traditional method of removing the oxide is to use complex wet chemistry that often employs hazardous materials. With more and more chemicals falling under REACH restrictions, CoBlast offers a clean, dry, one-step processing alternative that provides a new solution to those involved in composite-to-metal joining across a wide range of sectors.


ENBIO’s membership in the Irish Centre for Composites Research (IComp) provides us with a forum to engage with key stakeholders in the composite/adhesive industries & academic institutions. Through IComp, ENBIO aims to leverage the full potential of CoBlast by delivering composite-to-metal bonding solutions that meet the dual demands of high performance and low environmental impact.

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