ENBIO is the inventor and owner of a remarkable technology called CoBlast. The CoBlast process offered our partners the ability to redefine the performance, function and value of metals across a multitude of industries and sectors.

We are a young and vibrant company that is operating as a trusted partner in some of the most regulated and demanding markets. ENBIO has a proven track record in providing mission-critical thermal control coatings to the Space sector.

ENBIO are delivering next-generation REACH-compliant solutions to meet ever increasing material challenges that comply with the most stringent material requirements and global regulations.



ENBIO develops and delivers enhanced metal surface technologies for the global marketplace with a portfolio of applications using a simple, sustainable and economical process via their innovative patented CoBlast technology.


To be the multi-industry standard for sustainable, metal surface technology solutions.


ENBIO’s fundamental focus is the development and commercialization of its patented CoBlast surface enhancing technologies, offering two routes to engage with clients:

1) CoBlast coating services from ENBIO

2) Licensing our turnkey CoBlast technology

ENBIO offers clients the ability to quickly evaluate the superior performance of the CoBlast technology via its rapid sample production process or through structured collaborative evaluation trials. Please contact us to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.

We look forward to partnering with you to develop an application specific CoBlast solution to meet your needs.



ENBIO has gained recognition within the Space sector, through contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) by qualifying two mission-critical thermal control coatings for the upcoming Solar Orbiter satellite (link to ENBIO Solar Orbiter page), due to launch in 2020. Building on these experiences, ENBIO has developed CoBlast, its core surface enhancement process, across multiple industry sectors and has engaged with companies in industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, oil and gas, and energy. ENBIO is based in Ireland and operates out of Dublin. The company has strong academic collaborations with the Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Physics departments of University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD). ENBIO has an experienced management and technical team with additional advisors including leading professors, senior executives, and management experts.

At the heart of the company, there is a dedicated drive for CoBlast to be a streamlined, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly solution, scaled in partnership with the application end-user. ENBIO’s objective is to provide a sustainable technology solution as an alternative to hazardous and toxic material processes with high energy and water use, excessive waste streams, and negative environmental impacts. Through REACH compliance, ENBIO is committed to sustainability at a company level and practice it across the business.


John O’Donoghue • Chief Executive Officer

John O’Donoghue graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland, with a Mechanical Engineering degree and went on to work in a series of medical device companies (National Medical Care, J&J, Guidant) over 20 years, where he was responsible for introducing a range of process and production upgrades. In 2001, John began to study metal surface modification while undertaking an MSc in Biomedical Engineering in Trinity College Dublin. Prompted by this research, John developed and patented the CoBlast process. In 2006, he left the security of corporate employment and started ENBIO, which now employs 15 people and supplies key enabling technology to the European Space Agency. Under his guidance, the company thrives and is now branching out into other sectors.

Generated thermal image of Solar Orbiter heatshield reaching 500°C in operation.