ENBIO’s CAST project, part of the ACTTiVAte program

ENBIO have been successful in applying for technology and business support through the ACTTiVAte project. ACTTiVAte is a pan-European cluster project with participants from Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. The aim is to encourage technology transfer between Aerospace, Agri-Food, Health and ICT sectors.

For their project, ENBIO have utilised there orthopaedic screws coating process for the deposition of Conductive, Anti-Stick Treatments (CAST) for fasteners and bolts in the Space and Aerospace sectors. The process deposits thin, lubricious coatings that enable consistent performance and multiple re-uses (> 50 times for stainless steel bolts).

To learn more about the CAST project and ENBIO’s involvement with ACTTiVAte, visit the link above. Also, make sure to keep an eye on this page for more details as the project develops during 2018.

CoBlast Bolts and Fasteners